Closed over Christmas / New Year

We always close for Christmas and New Year so our volunteers can go on holidays or spend time with their families.

So, we will be closed this Sat.

We will reopen on Friday the 9th Jan 2015. Please have a pleasant holiday and enjoy the Christmas cheer.

What do we do

One of our volunteers helping to rebuild a bottom bracket.

We are NOT a bike shop! We teach people how to fix their own bikes, and provide tools for our members to fix their own bikes.

We are a on-site group at CERES in Melbourne whose aim is to promote cycling in the local community. Membership of the BikeShed is $10 per year, $5 for students and concession card holders and $13 for a whole family or household. The bike shed is run entirely by volunteers.

What we do not do

Even though the bike shed cannot offer these services, our volunteers may be able to point you towards someone who can.


When are we open

Current opening hours:

PUBLIC HOLIDAY NOTE: We generally do not open on public holiday weekends, however this depends on available volunteers. Unless you have been informed otherwise, assume we won't be there on public holiday weekends.

HOT WEATHER NOTE: We will not open the shed if the temperature is forecast to go near or over 38 degress. (The shed is like an oven.)

There are also occasional BikeShed working bees and clean ups on other days of the week, but we cannot sell bikes or help with bike repairs on these days. We only help people with their bikes on Fri, Sat and Sunday when the shed is open.

Never bring your own tools!

The shed is chaotic place and people will use any tools they can find.

If your tools are visible then you will probably never see them again. They will probably be used by someone else and either left in that persons pocket or put away inside the shed. We will not give tools back to you unless a) you can actually find them and b) they are marked with your name.

To put it simply... people consider all tools at the shed to be sheds tools, including your tools.

In summary: Do not bring your own tools to the shed.